Backup Plans

"Protect Yourself Even When Times Are Hard"

Remote Backup Plans

  • Remote Backup Plans Starting at $69
  • State OF The Art Backup Equipment
  • 100% Up Time guaranteed for all Remote Backup Plans
  • Highest Level Security for Backup Plans


Easy Up/Down Grading

Online Backup - Easy Upgrades Just submit a Request no need to create a new account. *Need over 30 GB? Start with the free 30 GB Trial, or call us.


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Remote Backup Security

Please fill out our contact form if you have received any error with our remote backup service or if you have any other questions.

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Custom Monthly Online Remote Backup Status Reports

Status Reports

Monthly status reports are included with every plan so your never in the dark about your important information.

Highest Online Backup Security and Remote Backup Encryption


Next Horizon's Remote Backup Software uses 128bit AES Encryption to ensure no one else besides yourself can access your data online.

Easy to Setup Online Remote Backup Software

Easy Setup

Simply Sign Up! Install our simple to use, easy to setup software. Put in your name and password, choose whats files you want protected and your done.

Quality Remote Backup Technical Support for Backup Plans

Tech Support

An associate at Next Horizon can be reached any time of the day by submiting a support ticket online, you will usually receive a response within 24 hours.