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"Protect Yourself Even When Times Are Hard"

Remote Backup Plans

  • Remote Backup Plans Starting at $69
  • State OF The Art Backup Equipment
  • 100% Up Time guaranteed for all Remote Backup Plans
  • Highest Level Security for Backup Plans


Easy Up/Down Grading

Online Backup - Easy Upgrades Just submit a Request – no need to create a new account. *Need over 30 GB? Start with the free 30 GB Trial, or call us.


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Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 200..

PPT: Pro-Active Professio..

Next Horizon can save you annual IT salary co  Read More..

Web Marketing..

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Remote Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out our contact form if you have received any error with our remote backup service or if you have any other questions.

Remote Backup Resources

Please fill out our contact form if you have received any error with our remote backup service or if you have any other questions.

  • Impact on U.S. Small Business of Natural & Man-Made Disasters

  • The Cost of Lost Data: Graziadio Business Report

  • 2008 Annual Study: Cost of Understanding Financial Impact, Customer Turnover and Preventative Solutions US Cost of Data Breach Report

  • Stimulus Gives Incentives for e-Health Records


  • E-Discovery: Current Trends and Cases

  • The Privacy Imperative: Go Beyond Compliance to Competitive Advantage

  • ISO/IEC 17799:2005



  • Financial Modernization Act of 1999

  • US Patriot Act of 2001

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

  • Rules of Civil Procedure

  • Ecommerce

    Next Horizon makes ecommerce so simple, even a child can do it. Expand your distribution channels with a 24/7 virtual outlet of your products and services with:

    • Widest array and latest tools at your fingertips
    • Allowing you to fully manage EVERY aspect of your ENTIRE store
    • Complete, user-friendly Control Panel
    • Coupon generation
    • Credit card & paypal supported
    • MS SQL Server Database-best in reliability, stability, and speed
    • SSL Encryption
    And more…

  • Logo Design

    Next Horizon can transform your corporate image into a work of art and point of attraction, interest, and desire. Brand your business with personality

    • Attract more customers with contemporary visual
    • Make your business look “bigger” and more established
    • Differentiate your business from your competitors
    • Become more memorable
    • Promise value, show your commitment

  • Programming

    Next Horizon furnishes you programming solutions with flexibility, function, and force! Our development team can build any type of Microsoft Windows-based and Web-based applications for your business including:

    • Modifications
    • Customer applications
    • Support
    • Rich desktop applications
    • Broad-reach web applications

  • Web Design

    Next Horizon can make your business come alive on the Internet! Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Dynamic Site Portal
    • Web templates and customized design
    • Macromedia Flash for complex animated web page graphics

  • Web Hosting

    Next Horizon becomes your formidable channel and communication source Combined with our team’s expertise and customer care, you can be assured that your website is up and running around the clock.

  • Web Marketing

    Web marketing, internet advertising, e-marketing…doesn’t matter what you call it; it could mean the future of your business! With sales goals and instant responses, your online marketing efforts can

    • Expand your company’s channel selection
    • Improve your segmentation strategies
    • Help you achieve and sustain competitive advantage

  • Disaster Recovery

    Consulting services to develop & maintain comprehensive disaster recovery kit that includes:

    • Early + advanced planning scenario discussions
    • Escape + evacuation routes
    • Communication planning
    • Written + well-circulated disaster plan
    • Redundancy for all supplies
    • Redundancy in equipment, computers, + data
    • Thorough understanding of roles + responsibilities of all parties
    • Annual plan review

  • Managed VPN Solutions

    Next Horizon balances your information technology with the human needs of your business with custom-designed Virtual Private Network Our goal is to:

    • Fully comprehend your IT needs
    • Help you reduce communication costs
    • Enhance productivity
    • Increase business opportunities safely and securely
    • Anticipate your needs tomorrow and over the Next Horizon

  • Networking & Servers

    Next Horizon makes the investment so you don’t have to in:

    • Redundancy
    • Network layer security
    • QoS-enabled infrastructure
    • 24/7 Physical security maintenance

  • OPE: On-Site Phone Engineer Support

    Zap response time on emergency service calls- Immediate, 24/7, cost-effective support + trouble-shooting for:

    • Cyber attacks, including malicious viruses + worms
    • Cache poisoning
    • Shut-downs + slowdowns caused by user error
    • Disasters caused by Mother Nature

  • PPT: Pro-Active Professional Part-Time IT Staffing

    Next Horizon can save you annual IT salary costs ranging from $26,500-$81,000 (Junior Network Tech 2008 salary range) Next horizon gets you the expertise you need for each and every project, when you need it, without recruitment costs and downtime:

    • Simplifying your network management
    • Helping to eliminate multiple service provider finger-pointing
    • Pro-actively preventing most problems
    • Allowing you to do what you do best: Run your business!

  • Risk Management

    Next Horizon makes your IT security efforts seem effortless with an optimum security plan with options to:

    • Clear up
    • Secure
    • Maintain your network

Custom Monthly Online Remote Backup Status Reports

Status Reports

Monthly status reports are included with every plan so your never in the dark about your important information.

Highest Online Backup Security and Remote Backup Encryption


Next Horizon's Remote Backup Software uses 128bit AES Encryption to ensure no one else besides yourself can access your data online.

Easy to Setup Online Remote Backup Software

Easy Setup

Simply Sign Up! Install our simple to use, easy to setup software. Put in your name and password, choose whats files you want protected and your done.

Quality Remote Backup Technical Support for Backup Plans

Tech Support

An associate at Next Horizon can be reached any time of the day by submiting a support ticket online, you will usually receive a response within 24 hours.